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Most of the locative creations listed below do not exist anymore. Yes, more than 15 years of history of Locative Media with GPS and mobile devices are doomed to disappear. You will probably find a lot of broken links, but there is not much to do until we take very seriously the preservation of our digital heritage. The future is in the past, it is right there in the creative ideas you will discover in this page.


Locative Media Database

archive 2000 - 2017

Locative Storytelling


Locative Activism


Locative Art & Emotions


Locative Games


Locative Learning


this is an archive of locative media tools

Great geolocation tools without programming skills

Avanced Locative Storytelling tools with some programming skills


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My name is Fred Adam and i am managing this database. Please submit your project if you believe that it is related to geolocation and creativity in the field of art, science, games, documentary, education, cosmology or whatever.

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