Audio Graffiti by The Audioscape Project - 2010



“Audio Graffiti is a multi-user sound/music installation that explores new modes of sonic interaction, afforded by the latest in locative technologies. Several mobile users may create and explore a gradually evolving collage of audio graffiti. The piece can be deployed in an outdoor environment (using GPS tracking), or in an indoor space as seen in this video. Equipped with a wireless headset and tracking device, participants can “tag” or “spray” sound on to a real physical wall. We provide several small musical instruments, which can be used along with one’s voice, to add sounds to the collaborative musical mix. The installation is seeded with some pre-existing sonic material, which allows participants to synchronize rhythmically, and maintains cohesion over time. All user-contributed sounds slowly fade away, resulting in an ever-evolving musical piece.”

A artwork by Zack Settel and Mike Wozniewski.

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