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Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the Earth.

Rebecca Solnit.

Learn Locative Media and Spatial Storytelling techniques with us :)

Last News

We are preparing the next GPS Museum workshop we will give in Paraguay this summer. It will be a course about Augmented Reality and we will use our CGeomap html5 editor for practices. The course will happen at the Spanish Cultural Center
We restarted to brainstorm with the creative scientist Rich Blundell on a project of a VR app, a continuity to the Cosmosis1 Augmented Reality app we did in 2014.
We are collaborating with the experimental holistic science Schumacher College for the creation of the Deep TimeWalk app, a original concept of Walking Audio Book. Launch: 06.2016

Our team of experts

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We are Digital Media artists, teachers and researchers experimenting in the field of Spatial narratives with mobile technology. We create locative games & walking stories for cultural events and give workshops organized by Modules.

Fred Adam

Locative Media

Fred Adam is artist and researcher founder of the web portal. Specialist in spatial narrative and locative media since 2006. He is collaborating with artists, scientists, teachers and environmentalists in innovative projects mainly in the US and England. He is investigating the original concept of Walking Documentary for his PhD.

Verónica Perales


Verónica Perales is artist and teacher at the University of Murcia in Spain. Co founder of the art collective Transnational Temps, she is teaching Hypermedia and Transmedia technics since 2007. She is mixing analogic artworks like drawings with creations on mobile devices.

Horacio González

GIS programming

Horacio González is artist and programmer co-founder of the art collective Escoitar and co creator of the Notours framework. he is a pioneer in programming open source locative resources like collaborative maps and locative apps since 2002. He is actually managing the plugin CGEOMAP we are offering at the Lab.
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Le Lab GPSM a pour but de faciliter l'apprentissage des environnements de création de contenus géolocalisés interactifs pour Smartphone avec principalement CGeomap et MOTIVE.
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El GPSM Lab té com objectiu facilitar la iniciació a les eines a entorns de creació de continguts geolocalitzats interactius per smartphones principalment amb CGeomap y MOTIVE.
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El Lab GPSM tiene como objetivo facilitar la iniciación al manejo de los entornos de creación de contenidos geolocalizados interactivos para Smartphone principalmente con CGeomap Y MOTIVE.
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