Water Memory by Piotr Wyrzykowski - 2013



Water memory theory - claimed ability of water to retain a "memory" of substances previously dissolved in it to arbitrary dilution. Believe that water molecules are affected by human thoughts - the negative or positive words, emotions, and music can influence water's form, producing either beautiful order structure (crystals) or ugly chaos shapes when freezing. Basically we can say that according to the theory there is a good or bad water depending of it structure and it influence on human body is radically different.

Water is the birthplace. The “metaplace” - the begging of exploration of the unknown, a place where life started. It is also often the end, death point - diving back into the unknown. Ocean is a metaphor for the history, struggles and human efforts his victories and defeats, elation and falls in the vastness of the universe. The sea is also a space of battle, utopia and disaster, the field of relationship of the individual and the community, in the personal sense the place of work and entertainment and related dreams, ambition, loneliness and madness.

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