3D A.R Soundscapes with Motive

Creating immersive groundbreaking outdoor sonic compositions

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Motive.io revolutionizes app and game production by putting content creators at the center of the development experiences.

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the module

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We are collaborating with Ryan Chapman and Jeff Macpherson based in Vancouver, the creators of MOTIVE the revolutionary locative game framework for mobile devices. We are beta testers since the beginning and help to implement the sonic part of the environment and push the limits of mobile storytelling. Motive is a online editor combined with the game engine Unity, offering fast prototyping solutions and test on your android or IOS device in no time. We offer three practices, covering the basics towards more advanced and incredible features.

“Motive is science fiction for a majority of people, it is pure potential future.”
GPS Museum

Pro Area

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Creating 3D locative sound composition with Motive

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Locative Soundscape

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3D AR Soundscapes Workshops Archive



Introduction to Motive

Master en comunicación móvil - Universidad de Murcia

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