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My name is Fred Adam, i am a New Media artist, researcher and Freelance Art Director expert in spatial narratives in the outdoors. I am especially interested in the exploration of the world with Smartphones in time and space, from the very small to the very large and from the past to the future. I have a special interest in investigating how mobile technology can help us to understand better and preserve the Earth by involving people into transformative outdoors experiences. I am collaborating and inspired by artists, scientists, programmers and teachers from the past and the present like David Thoreau, Robert Filliou, Rich Blundell, Stephan Harding, Rebecca Solnit, Brian Swimme, Sylvie Marchand and Keiko Tanaka (beyond others). They are making each day my life more and more interesting.

I have the great honor to be part of the Deep Time Walk project as Art director of the walking app. I am presenting in a few words the concept of Walking Audio book in this video featuring Stephan Harding, Satish Kumar and Rupert Sheldrake beyond others.

Watch the digital transcription of my last lecture at the Sympoisum “My City My Sounds” at the ZKM Art Center in Karlsruhe, Germany in December 2014. I try to explore the Power of Sounds in Walking Documentaries. it’s a good overview of my competences and practices presenting various creations in the fields of Art, Education and Earth Science. Most of the projects can be seen at the website.
I have had the chance to collaborate with people like Geoff Ainscow and Rich Blundell in Mobile Learning Earth apps. If you are Scientist or a Researcher looking for somebody to help you to communicate your knowledge of the universe by the creation of apps, motions graphics and interactive presentations, please contact me. I will be happy to meet you online. You can have a look at some of my works on the website.
A deep motivation
At the age of 6 an unusual experience happened to me during medical treatment under the influence of morphine. “A very strange structure was spinning in front of my eyes, later I discovered that I was really looking, for the first time, at human skin through a microscope”. This triggered my lifelong interest in art, biology and cosmology.
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